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Investment Criteria

From a family capital appreciation perspective, we possess strong financial back up and are able to customize our investments to ensure maximum goal alignment with our investees.
What We Look For

As an authentic Single Family Office with a North American background, we are financially capable of triaging hundreds of deals, and are discriminating in our deal assessment based on the advice of internal experts. While key investment criteria will vary with every deal and depend on the particular stage of investment, strategically, we prefer opportunities exhibiting the following characteristics:

  • Superior Management: knowledgeable and experienced, complete and self-motivated, requiring minimal oversight, providing strong financial commitment, exhibiting sound organizational skills, and demonstrating operational preparedness.

  • Demonstrated and Verifiable Success: proprietary technology or process, intellectual property, trademark, brand recognition, competitive and sustainable advantage, large and growing market.

  • Concise and Clear Strategy: goal alignment, well-conceived business plan, comprehensive financial forecasts, thorough presentation, sustainable cash flow, clearly defined exit strategy.

Investments are continually reviewed to ensure they are meeting return expectations, we search for additional opportunities, and we manage risks as they arise.

与其他的乙方类投资公司不同,Grit Investments作为资产雄厚的甲方,公司不被资金募集量所限制,而从家族资产升值的角度出发,将更多精力转移到项目选择上。我们将确保与被投资公司达成共识,为求实现利益的最大化。



  • 专业的管理团队:管理者需具备资深的管理经验,与时俱进的创新精神,超高的自觉自律性,且无须在投后进行频繁的审查与监管,其主理人员需具有专业的管理水平和完备的操作准则。

  • 稳健的投资回报:被投公司需具有专业的技术,强壁垒的专利,独立的注册商标和较高的品牌认知力,具备长期、稳定的与他方竞争的优势,且占有较高的市场份额。

  • 清晰的战略计划:需有具体可行的商业计划,从而贯彻目标行径,时常进行全面的金融预测,且有稳定的现金流,和可行的退出计划。


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