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The company’s name and logo are inspired by an ancient Chinese fable called How Yukong Moved the Mountains. It tells the story of the foolish old man Yukong with the indomitable spirit managed to remove two mountains in front of his house and benefit the people. He and his family persistently dug shovel by shovel towards his goal every day. The wise old man Zhisou ridiculed him, but Yukong was confident that his sons, grandsons, and their descendants will carry on his work. Filled with admiration for Yukong, the Emperor of Heavens ordered the guardian gods to moves the mountains away.

The story not only praises passion and tenacity of the foolish old man Yukong, but also contains an investment wisdom. The foolish man Yukong and the wise man Zhisou are both entrepreneurs. The former has a long-term vision and courage, while the latter is only a speculator. The Emperor of Heavens represents investors, and he helps the foolish man Yukong because of his strong persistence in entrepreneurship. Moving the mountains is similar to manage ultra-high net worth family wealth, both are worthy undertakings and have profound significance. The interpretation of the story brings new inspiration to venture capitalists. Great investors should not only have long-term vision, but also need to shoulder the public responsibilities. Successful entrepreneurs should not only have superior capabilities, but also need to stay “foolish” with determination and perseverance.

GRIT INVESTMENTS implies that shift of mountains begins with the excavation of sandstone, and successful investment begins with the discovery of outstanding innovations.  In other words, success has always come from prudence and perseverance in every small matter.



移山资本的英文名是GRIT INVESTMENTS,而GRIT译为砂石。公司中文名与英文名形成大与小的对比:移山始于挖掘砂石,成功伟大的投资始于优秀创新的苗头。历来大成功都得益于每件小事上的审慎和坚持,这背后不禁引人深思其中的智慧。

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